Thursday, 22 July 2010

Townsville with Kate and Warwick

It was “important” to spend Monday with Kate and Warwick checking out the baby shops we (or Suey!) had just “happened” to notice prior to their arrival and to make a list of all the things necessary and some not so necessary for Baby Long. It was a great day which we all enjoyed. Following that, we decided to spend the last day with Kate and Warwick at Paluma Rainforest which was beautiful. The cameras went into overdrive and after much editing we have attached a couple. The weather was beautiful throughout Kate & Waz’s stay. Their cabin was located beside the pool and we enjoyed sitting and dangling our feet in the water which was quite cold but refreshing nonetheless. Warwick and Suey had a water fight which showed great maturity from both of them. It was very difficult to see them leave, especially for them knowing the cold weather they would face on their return. The departure at Townsville airport on Wednesday was not a very cheery one, but they now have a toilet in their house so are very excited.
We left the park on Thursday morning travelling in the general direction of Bramston Beach where we have previously enjoyed a few weeks parked right beside the ocean. After a pleasant trip through Ingham, Cardwell, Tully and Innisfail we reached Babinda in the afternoon and stopped at the free camp for the night. We visited the Tourist Information Centre as I’m sure you will all be very distressed to know the good weather has departed and we have actually put on long pants as it is only 22 degrees and overcast. Unfortunately it is not expected to improve for a week or so we will have to find some tourist attractions to occupy our time. The Mungalli Dairy is close by and is a favourite of Ian’s with their orange chocolate cheesecake so I’m sure we’ll make our way there. There are also a couple of great markets to check out at the weekend so filling in our time won’t be a problem. Now we just have to hope there is room at Bramston Beach …. of course we haven’t booked but if not there, we’ll find somewhere else!


Anonymous said...

G'day Martins
I will have you know today is a wonderful day the sun is shining, blue sky and I am home for a day or so. We have taken photos just to prove we do have the odd good day. I was distressed at the demise of the mini I do have a soft spot for them (correction our kids have a soft spot for them and some how they end up my project!!!)I must say Ian wasn't looking to uncomfortable in assisting the grid girls. As per usual your travelling tales just make us want to get out and do it too. The rain forest looks fantastic as do Kate and Waz Grand parent hood is wonder full especially when you can stir the little bundle of joys up then hand them back to mum and dad. Grandparent’s revenge, awesome. Love The Pattos

Stocky said...

What? Lousy weather, what a bummer hee hee (there is a god)