Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Smalleys Beach

What a lovely surprise Smalleys Beach was. The campsites were absolutely huge and only 50 metres to the beach via our own walkway. The beach was lovely and we enjoyed our walks around the area. When the tide goes out it really goes out as far as you can see so that in itself is something to see. On our first night we had a visitor, the possum who is in the photo attached to this blog. It was not a small possum at all and really enjoyed the ‘apple core we left out. We expected a return the following night but didn’t see it again during our visit. The kookaburra’s were having a great time, but I felt it unnecessary to give them a snack as I am still very unhappy about the ‘friendly’ kookaburra who took advantage of my kind nature and took a fish from my pond. Henceforth all kookaburras are not my favourites!
We revisited the park at Seaforth where we have stayed a couple on our previous visits through the area and were very glad we had found Smalleys as Seaforth was well and truly occupied with school holiday makers and just not anywhere near as nice as Smalleys.
We also revisited the tea house we had been to from Seaforth and the Devonshire Tea was fantastic as we had remembered. Ian also purchased a pot of the raspberry jam which is the ‘best ever tasted’.
On to Townsville, the car race, Kate and Warwick and …….a wedding on Magnetic Island …. No not one of us but we’ll tell you more later!

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