Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mt. Carbine

Mt. Carbine was at last dry! We opened every window and vent in the van and car and let out all the damp and wetness from Bramston go. The caravan park was just what we liked, laid back and casual with a good washing machine.
Two nights gave us time to enjoy the fantastic bird life (feathered variety only), great mountain scenery and a fascinating two and a half hour talk and walk from the owner of the park. It is incredible that there is a connection to Shepparton with the lady who co-owns the park having a brother who lives in Shepparton. The area is well known for mining so we were able to learn quite a lot about the rise and fall of mining in this area. The park is located at what was originally a mining town, and for such a remote location had excellent facilities. Mt Carbine itself comprises a pub, store/petrol station and a rodeo facility, but no mountain.
Our walk and talk took us high up on the property and just at the right time for sunset which Ian has captured so well. We also have a photo of some seeds which we were told were used by the indigenous women to induce an abortion if they had had the misfortune to fall pregnant to a man from the wrong tribe. Traditionally these women would be speared to death so the abortion pill which gave them a 50/50 chance of survival was a better option!
A short drive with the weather again looking grim finds us in Cooktown which is nearly as far north as we can practically go with the van and we have some exciting sightseeing and walks to go on so stay tuned!
Thanks to everyone for your sympathetic responses to our poor weather! We will remember all of you when we return.

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