Friday, 6 September 2013


A new day dawns, and we are up and at it! After a little shopping, including two pairs of Sketchers for me. Believe me, this girls feet are working hard. I have already thrown out a pair of new sandals which I brought from home as they fell apart and my feet were feeling every pebble, so at last I have comfort!
We have bought hop on hop off bus tickets again as they are really the best way to get around and we get a great overview of the city we're in. Today we discovered this is a town with a lot of academics starting the new year and O week is in full swing. It seems to play out the same wherever you are with the customary dressing up, scavenger hunts, begging for donations by singing very loudly on street corners etc. etc.Very entertaining.
There is a lot of construction going on and as was explained to us this is the best time of year to get the new infrastructure up before the weather turns too cold. That's the time for the internal fixings to happen. There are a lot of walkways underground for the same reason. We're not thinking we'd be much good in the winter. Snow is strictly for looking at and admiring on the television at Christmas.
Our bus tour took us past many beautiful old buildings as well as the new of which there is also plenty. However there is a requirement if a new building is proposed where an important or heritage building still exists, that the design must incorporate at least the facade. In many places its looks really good. There is one place we didn't fall in love with and that is the new facade on the Royal Ontario Museum, but I guess they're not too worried about what we think. Apparently you either like it or hate it. Hate is probably a bit strong,but love it ..... not so much!
For lunch we went to a diner called Johnny Rockets, a traditional American style diner exactly out of Happy Days. Took a photo of Flat Norah there while Ian tasted a beer called A Flying Monkey's Optical Illusion - sounds a bit scary, but was ok except very full on hops flavour.
Our tour guide was really great and is currently studying for his Doctorate in Education, after completing this his great love is teaching. He studied for a semester in Brisbane so he understands Ian's reluctance to drive here. For part of the journey we were the only occupants of the bus so he sat down with us a we were able to ask as many questions as we wanted. Really spoilt.
At the moment it is the Totonto International Film Festival and there ar supposedly hundreds of famous people here so you never know who we might see tonight.
We've identified a couple of boutique breweries here which we are hoping to get to after tomorrow as we are off on our tour of Niagara Falls for the day which we are really looking forward to.
Then on our last day we have until 10pm for our next train departure so really a whole day more to explore.

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