Sunday, 1 September 2013

Boston - last day

Firstly, apologies for the scratchiness of the last blog. It was done on a train from Boston to New York, Penn Station and the wi if kept dropping out.
Our last night just had to be spent at another Red Sox game and we were able to get tickets before the game down just behind the home base. Fantastic view and quite different from our upstairs perspective from Wednesday night.
The whole game is just so much fun to be a part of and so much effort is made to involve the supporters. This month has been special for the Red Sox as they have been concentrating their fundraising efforts for their "Jimmy Fund" which they have been associated with for sixty years this year and have raised countless millions. Friday night they had a young boy make the very important "play ball!" call and a sweet little girl battling cancer threw the first ball and made a really good fist of it.
At both games long time supporters are honoured on the ground, as well as  staff who have had long service together with exceptional performance.  It's is all played out on the big screen and the staff who receive awards are able to bring their families and enjoy the game. On Wednesday night a special part of the opening was devoted to the family of the young university policeman who was tragically killed in his police car in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. His family all stood around the pitchers mound and threw a ball each to throw the first ball. Everyone cheered and all the players were there to lend support and offe sympathy. Such a waste of great potential.
They don't have any glitz, just good honest team spirit and the anthem sung with real pride and LIVE. Anyone sick of Julie Anthony singing ours?
Then the game starts and we are really enjoying it now we have a better understanding. It moves along quite quickly and on Friday we had a very obliging Bostonian sitting with us who even googled the answers to our questions when he opulent tell us himself. It was a close game this time and we won 4-3 which was very exciting.
The photo in Facebook is of the Red Socks mascot and is what crackerjack our bus driver used to be. We did try to catch the ball a couple of times but no luck..

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