Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Today is our last day in Bennington and we started out with Ian dropping me off at the Museum for another look at the quilt while he went out for a bit of a look around Bennington.
When I had finished and picked up some more maple syrup drops - yummy, we went to find the cemetery where Jane and her husband are interred. This time we were lucky and have photos to remind us of our visit.
Whilst there Ian saw a couple of trucks going down the road at full speed which fortunately he was able to snap photos as they sped past. All good, both our interests satisfied!
Lunch at a diner was not quite what we had expected but that happens when you try not to go to KFC or something  like that!
After lunch we went to the huge Bennington Battle Monument which is 306ft, 4 1/2in tall and fortunately has an elevator to the observation deck. From the deck we were able to see the valleys and rolling hills of Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts. 
The Bennington battle was between Lieutenant Colonel Freidrich Baum who was in command of the troops and ordered to advance to Bennington to seize valuable military stores. He was sent by Lieutenant General Burgoyne who believed the region around Bennington to have loyalist support and the only resistance to be the remains of a scattered American militia regiment retreating from Fort Ticonderoga. What Burgoyne did not know was that Brigadier General John Stark was nearby in Manchester with 1,500 reinforcements and had joined Seth Warner and his Vermont militiamen.
'"There they are boys! We beat them today or Molly Stark sleeps a widow tonight!"  - Brigadier General John Stark, August 16, 1777.
Victory to Vermont! 
We have really enjoyed our time in Vermont. It has been a lovely hiatus between very busy cities, and we have seen many gracious homes and beautiful lush green country, quite tropical in climate and very steamy during our visit.
Tomorrow we are back to Albany for one night then on to Toronto by train.

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