Sunday, 8 September 2013

Last day in Toronto

Today is our last day in Toronto and we awoke to rain, unseasonal for the time of year. We reorganised our cases first thing as we will be checking in our cases for the next leg to Edmonton and will only need changes for the three nights on the train.
We set out from the hotel planning a day on the bus checking out a few things we hadn't had time for on our first day but the weather beat us and we filled in the morning on a drippy bus, deciding when we reached the market place to leave and go through the market which was indoors. It's very much like the Vic Market and if we were self catering it would have been heaven on a stick! Not feasible today but we did manage two punnets of raspberries for $5.00 which Ian is really enjoying. Way beter than the ones we buy at home, and a quarter the price.
We moved on to the Mill Street Brewery as it was lunch time and enjoyed a great light lunch and a couple of beers. Well Ian had two -  all will know one is enough for me! It was a great place to enjoy our last lunch in Toronto which we have really enjoyed. 
Back to the hotel and the opportunity for us to catch up on emails and get the blog up to date again before we pick up our cases and head to the station for our 10pm train. 
There are a few things we have learnt about Toronto on our bus travels which amused us so before we forget - there is a system at four intersections called "scrambling" which means pedestrians can cross to whichever corner they like and this is announced over the p.a so you know it's time to "scramble"!
The original Trivial Pursuit questions were verified in the Toronto Reference Library which is one of 94 libraries in the city of Toronto. 
The University of Toronto Library has been rated as the third best University Facility in the world, and takes great pride in its academic record which has seen a number of Nobel prizes. Another claim to fame is the development of insulin, and the confirmation of the existence of  'black' hole, and first operational electron microscope.
The sporting achievement of the football team on the other hand saw 49 matches over 7 seasons all lost. When they did have a victory finally it was over a team who had half of its players suspended for drug use, however apparently it didn't stop them celebrating as if they had won the premiership! Apparently things have improved now!
There is a photo of a car with wheels running, which hangs off the side of a building here which has four tv networks working within and it is called "breaking news"!
Can't think of anything else now, but more from Edmonton, our next stop.

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