Thursday, 5 September 2013


Hello Canada!
A bit of a different experience today on our long trip from Albany to Toronto. Our train left Albany at 10.03am and all was fine. We were anticipating the same interesting although longer trip today that we have had previously on trains.
It was long but not very interesting though very green and plenty of trees along the line so we couldn't see very much of the surrounds as we sped along. The first leg of our trip took six hours which is fine because at least you can get up and move around.
We were getting close to the border when we reached the town of Niagara which was little more than a railway siding and people alighted off the train seemingly in the middle of the yard and walked to the station. A little strange we thought at the time. We were a little surprised when we reached the border between America and Canada. To say it is underwhelming is probably too kind. It looked more like a deserted Spagetti Western set. We had to leave the train with all our luggage and there were four steep steps down from the train to the ground, proceed around a corner to go through border inspection. That was fine, we must still look ok then into another room to wait with our fellow travellers supposedly for the remaining 45 minutes before the train continued on to our destination of Toronto. Apparently Border Protection were having some difficulties because it was over an hour before we started to get back on the train. Thank goodness for business class, at least we were back on first for the remainder of the trip, another two hours, finally arriving at 8pm to a deserted station undergoing renovation and not very user friendly.
At last the hotel and we are very pleased to have that day behind us. Not sure what tomorrow brings yet, we'll see how we wake up!
No photos today so just another one on Facebook from the great museum in Albany.

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