Monday, 7 June 2010


For those of you who have unkindly suggested that we are just having a truly lazy holiday here in beautiful sunny Yeppoon I present to you today evidence to the contrary!
Our hosts David and Elaine have provided us with a beautiful site, great amenities and company but we were a little dismayed at the amount of shade our site had as the trees had grown considerably since our last visit in 2008. On mentioning this, David suggested that we could cut down the offending tree as it was ‘on the list of jobs ‘, although not a very high priority. As some may recall we departed from here in 2008 by cutting down a large tree on our last day so it was an idea that had considerable appeal.
This morning we decided to go to the market, return and begin. Hence the before and after photos. We did decide to relocate the van for this exercise as Elaine and I are of the rather delicate and conservative type and didn’t fancy having to explain to the insurance company how we avoided being squashed in Gosford in 2007 but managed to do it to ourselves in 2010!
David is a fine craftsman with the chain saw and in two hours we had completed the task including Elaine, Ian and I loading up the ute a number of times to take away the tree pieces to the bonfire site on the property and making a very fine stack of timber suitable for the fire we enjoy each nite in the lodge.
After which we sat back with a beer and reflected on another perfect day in paradise on our new site complete with maximum sunshine!


Anonymous said...

Can you explain to me why if you are such master craftsmen and women that the little tree next to it seems to have developed a strange lean??


blossovent said...

bitchy bitchy little brother!

What's wrong - frightened you'll turn out like dad?... wait... too late

Anonymous said...

Geez Sue and Ian the siblings are at it again. I can't see any problems with little brother turning out like Dad. And to think you are also being blamed for the lean on the tree - someone should have planted in straight in the first place. Any way greeting from the Pattos freezing our cods off in Victoria can you believe we are taking the grand kids to the snow. Madness