Saturday, 26 June 2010


For those who are experiencing frustration with our lack of correspondence I apologise and will try to do better in the future. We consider ourselves told – a testament to the many emails we have received ! Actually we’re flattered to have so many watching and waiting for our news. Yeppoon is treating us well and to date we’ve only had one really unsunny day each week so we’ve been enjoying our daily walks along the beach in the mornings and then catching up with reading and sewing on most afternoons.
Last Saturday night we took ourselves into Rockhampton to watch the basketball which was fantastic. They are certainly very enthusiastic and supportive of their local team and it was good for us because we really didn’t care who won and could just enjoy the game as Sue usually gets very nervous when our team isn’t doing so well!
On the other less than perfect day we went into Rockhampton shopping and had (I think!) a very successful day. Ian thinks it’s lucky the weather is so good for the rest of the time.
Ian, David, Elaine, John and I have been trenching this weekend as David, who was a fire fighter in New Zealand before he and Elaine bought the park, is concerned about having water and electricity cables and pipes above the ground as the fire risk is quite high here. It’s a beautiful park almost in a forest but of course therein lays the risk. So today a trenching machine manned by David has been making the trenches for the pipes and Ian has been backfilling them with Elaine and John who is another camper. Surprise, surprise Suey has been catering for the hungry souls, now isn’t that a change, but there were no complaints either!
I’ve also planted a herb garden which has come in handy already which Pete gave me a great chicken recipe which needed rosemary and I just happened to have planted a very healthy bush. The last time we stayed here Elaine and I cleaned out the fish pond so that job has been done again and the fish are looking very pleased with their new clear water.
So you can see we have been very busy, well sort of at least in the mornings and after all we are retired now and according to our children very OLD so we shouldn’t do too much!
The jazz we went to after the Yeppoon Show was so good we’re going again this Sunday which will be great as I’m sure Ian will be exhausted after all the work today . Oh, I nearly forgot we have cut down another tree too!
We have only one more week here and then we’re off travelling up towards Townsville to meet Kate and Warwick (after the Townsville V8 car races) who are coming up with friends for a few days which we’re really looking forward to.
That’s all for now, from what we hear the weather we’re missing at home is something we’re happy for you all to tell us about but not what we want to come home to so we’ll stay away for a while longer!

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear all is going well, about time the next post came in!!!
Someone thinks you have forgotten us down south!! Continue to enjoy, sounds like you are not missing work too much. Take care Jan