Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Childers to Bundaberg

We had a very rainy day yesterday (Tuesday) and stopped in Childers for a cup of coffee. Childers is a lovely town with many attractions, some right under you feet with the paths being decorated with mosaics depicting the long history of the town. The best scones ever tasted by us were served at the café beside the post office and great coffee too.
We walked down the street in the drizzling rain and Ian spotted a shop called “Patchwork Avenue” which is located in North Street. We went in to investigate and were both blown away by this beautiful shop which started out life in the 1880’s as a butcher shop. We were warmly greeted by Julie who took us on a tour of her newly opened shop which has also had a life as a pet shop prior to its present immaculately restored state. The tiles extend up to the ceiling throughout the shop and we saw the huge doors through which the meat was unloaded into the back of the shop and hung on the rails. The decorative panel tiles are beautiful and in great condition. It was wonderful to see history being restored and loved. Julie’s shop has a fabulous range of fabrics and I was able to purchase some lovely flannels which I have not seen anywhere, nor such a great variety. I could have certainly have done a lot more damage and probably will again. Julie certainly made both of us feel very welcome.
Then on to Bundaberg where we settled in to the park at Bargara Beach and were able to catch up with a former workmate of Ian’s which was lovely.
We’ve done the obligatory trip to Bundaberg Distillery, Bundaberg Brewing Company and the fish co-op so that means tomorrow its Yeppoon for us for a stay with our friends David and Elaine.

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