Sunday, 13 June 2010

Yeppoon Week Two

We’ve had a lovely warm week at Yeppoon and kept ourselves busy again. It was the Rockhampton Show so we went to see how different it is to the Shepparton Show. The sideshows are the same we have to report but the beef cattle are certainly big which bears out the local declaration that Rockhampton is the beef capital of Australia. There was also a petting zoo and Sue found a pig which under sufferance allowed her to have a photo opportunity. Boy did it squeal so needless to say I had to let it out of the handbag and walk on. We also watched the axeman and decided that they earnt their prize money the hard way.
We also went to the Yeppoon Show on Saturday and it was all the same sideshows which had followed on from Rockhampton but nonetheless we enjoyed watching the wood chopping again.
There is a kangaroo called Molly who Elaine and David have had since a little joey who is very friendly and just hangs around the vans waiting to be admired, even letting me pat and scratch her under the chin. We let Molly out whilst Elaine and David were away in Rockhampton on Friday while we were gardening and she took off giving us all a scare only returning late on Saturday night.
Saturday we spent cleaning out the fish pond so we’ve had a really productive week.
On Sunday we went to the local shopping centre and sat down for a couple of hours listening to a jazz band. What a great way to spend a Sunday.
Monday we’re planning another tree cutting down episode so that will be fun.


Stocky said...

Re: the tree cutting!!Do you need us to send Emilly up to show you how to start the chain saw??? I am sure she would be qualified for it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Sounds like you are having a ball! We are keeping our eye on the house for you. Should get around $490,000.00 for it we reckon !!! Take care, Jen & Jamie

Anonymous said...

G'day Martins It all sounds so wonderful to us in reality land. I know jealousy is a curse. Mind you even if we could go I don't think I could pry Di away from Ruby at the moment for that any length of time. The apple of Granma's eye. Enjoy the Patto's

Stocky said...

11 days since your last post, what do you think!, you are on holidays or something????