Friday, 14 May 2010

Every day a weekend .....

Well we’re finally on our way. It seemed that we were never going to get away but on Monday after an early lunch we were on the road. At the end of Kialla Lakes Drive Ian said “I suppose we should decide where we’re going tonight”. Geez we are hopeless! We do however have a sort of a plan for the first week this time. Pete and Dawn are meeting us at Forster on Saturday so we need to be there preferably organised for their arrival! So on the first night we travelled a path well known to us from our trips to UNE in Armidale only a little slower than those days when we wanted to be beyond Dubbo on the first night. This time we only went as far as Narrandera to a roadside stop called Gillenbah South Rest Area. Nothing flash but a good place for the night. We did wonder if we had during the night returned to the coast of Victoria when we awoke to this truck parked beside us! The Apostles looked very real.
Tuesday we travelled the Newell Highway to just outside Dubbo to a beautiful reserve called Terramungamine Reserve arriving at about 4.30 which is fairly late for us. When we arrived it was just about standing room only with about 10 other vans, fifth wheelers, motorhomes and a huge brand spanking new bus already in place. Dubbo City Council have allocated this reserve for 2-3 day camping and have set it up really well with toilets, several picnic areas and plenty of fireplaces. So we decided to stay two nights as the first two days had been pretty solid driving.
The reserve has great significance to the local aborigines as a grinding groove site. This is where the aborigines would come to make their tools such as spears and axes and return to sharpen the same tools. The marks are quite evident in the hard rocks along the river and each groove represented one session to make the implement requiring an estimated 8 – 10 hours.
I’ve been to a few patchwork shops already and …….. not bought a thing! Temperature and pulse check, am still breathing, just very well behaved!

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