Monday, 24 May 2010

To Hervey Bay

The hospital fete and market was great, with the Murgon City Band playing as we arrived. The fete was opened with formal speeches from the Mayor, the Director of Nursing , the local member of Parliament and other important local identities. The joy of visiting these towns and joining in for their special events is that everyone is so friendly and takes pride is making you feel welcome. We bought some beautiful passionfruit and a freshly picked pineapple which have been delicious.
On leaving Murgon we motored on towards Hervey Bay and decided to stop at Petrie Park at Tiaro for lunch. The park is off the highway down a steep incline and right beside a boat ramp to the beautiful Mary River. We were able to park right beside the river and decided to stay for the night. There were two other vans already set up and one of the men told us about the butcher in Tiaro which we had travelled through who smoked all his own meats and were delicious. OK so we’ll have to stay until Monday morning! If it sounds like we’re really touring according to food, it’s a possibility, however it’s important to sample the local cuisine and contribute to the local economy. I’ve been to a number of patchwork shops and haven’t helped them at all—still no purchases and yes I am still breathing with a good regular pulse!
Today we have settled in at Hervey Bay in a park as we have run out of water and really felt after 5 days free camping we needed to recharge. We’re right beside the ocean and have just listened to the thousands of parrots settling in for the night. If you’ve seen Alfred Hitchcock’s “birds” or stayed at South West Rocks you’ll know what I mean. It was amazing and we couldn’t talk for a good ten minutes as they squabbled and fought over the best positions for the night. Ian took this beautiful sunset from the beach with his new camera.
Tomorrow off to Bundaberg and you may remember the happy adventure I had at the Bundaberg Rum Factory ---- well by popular demand ---- several friends have placed orders --- we are forced to return. However I will have breakfast first this time and not sample quite as liberally.

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