Tuesday, 4 May 2010

On the road again ..... nearly

It seems hard to believe that we went through 2009 without a blog! But what a year it was for us despite the stay at home. Pete and Dawn started the year for us with their wedding on the 11th April in the Hunter Valley. We all had a wonderful time, meeting some of Dawn’s family from England and enjoyed some time with them before everyone returned home. Shortly after the wedding Peter changed careers and is now a full time permanent fire fighter stationed at Parramatta so we were very proud to attend his graduation.

Kate and Warwick became engaged not long before Pete and Dawn were married and decided to marry also in 2009. Oh well, why not! We had another wonderful celebration with them and Warwick’s family on the 14th November at Warburton. So now we have the best son in-law as well as the best daughter in-law.
So we thought we could perhaps have 2010 to ourselves and boast about our children to anyone who would listen. Ian decided to retire and enjoy the good life, hitch up the caravan and be home for Christmas. What a fabulous plan! Here are some photos from his last week at work after 38 years in local government. His retirement was celebrated a number of times and it was a very enjoyable week. It was wonderful to be able to share the party with Pete and Dawn who came down to stay for a week with us. Thanks also to Belinda, Scott, Jess and Tom for the decorations in Ian’s office for his last day!
Well back to our plans for this year. Christmas I said, October, Kate and Warwick suggested would be better because we’re to be grandparents around then! Very exciting and we’re very happy to return early to enjoy this next exciting time of our lives. It’s never dull at the very least!
So we figure we’d best be going before anything else happens, hence our departure next week for somewhere warm from which we’ll blog with photos from our new camera, Ian’s parting gift from the council which will be put to very good use. So as usual I don’t have any idea where we’ll be but it will be great fun and we’d love to hear from you as we travel with all the news from home.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ian & Sue

looks as if you will hit the road before us (hoping to leave on 20th may) after being hopelessly stuffed around by many but now starting to come together.

We hope your travels are safe and fun and we may cross paths out there somwhere?

Our email address is


Goornong CFA said...

G'day travellers fair bit of news there to catch up on retirement, weddings and a baby on the way. Safe travels we will (hopefully) be heading to Katoomba and Nelson bay in September/October. Enjoy the great outdoors. Tracey loved the quilt says thanks muchly. The Pattos