Sunday, 21 September 2008


We’ve been to Yeppoon before except that last year we were driven out by bad weather and only stayed a short while. This year we have been very fortunate and have enjoyed the best weather of our trip so we’ve decided to stay a while and enjoy.
Each morning we go 5 km into town and take a walk along the beachfront path which sets us up for the day. Most of the day has so far been spent enjoying the sunshine, reading, swimming and for me sewing. There is a particularly nice patchwork store here so I have been able to pay a couple of visits so far.
This morning we went to the market at Emu Park and snapped these extremely attractive camels who were there to provide a rather unique form of transport for those who thought it worthwhile. You’ll notice that there were no passengers when I took the photos and we didn’t partake.
At the park we’re staying at there is a nine hole golf course and so Ian and I decided to have a try, thinking it can’t be that hard – well it is and we played our nine holes more in the style of mini golf with my personal top score of 13 for one hole. My greatest claim to fame is that I didn’t lose any golf balls!

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