Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Cowley Beach

Well we said we were moving and we did – sort of – actually we moved about 50kms down the beach to another park right on the water which is lovely. We were just driving down the road after refuelling in Innisfail and I saw a sign for Cowley Beach. As is our custom we drove down the road for a look and after checking out the park and the beach we booked in for two nights to begin with but now after our initial two nights we are staying for seven!
We’ve enjoyed walking along the beach for an hour each day and discovered on our first morning discovered part of the beach front contains a Defence Department facility which we have ascertained from Warwick’s father is a Training facility. On our second morning we discovered some of our country’s finest undertaking training in dinghy’s along the shore. As with our previous encounter with the Army, this was apparently not without incident and on our walk back to the park we passed a rubber dinghy being pumped up with a foot pump. Reminded us of the APC which was not cooperating!
We’ve also encountered a large flock of pelicans taking in the sea air and probably dinner when we walked up the beach yesterday and discovered that the far end of the beach trails away into a river.
We’ve been into Tully for shopping and will return there on Saturday for the Golden Gumboot Festival which I will write of afterwards and also include a photo of the huge gumboot which dominates the entry to the main shopping centre.
Speaking of big, we’re always on the lookout for ‘bigs’ and along the beach yesterday we saw a huge cuttlefish which we were going to collect on our way back only to find someone beat us to it which was disappointing. However when we walked down in the other direction today we saw dozens of them so here’s our very own edition of ‘bigs’. If anyone would like some cuttlefish, just let us know, we can collect plenty in smaller sizes before we leave on Sunday.
When I was waiting for the washing yesterday I had a friend who was very curious about what I was doing and I’m sure would have come into the laundry had I not walked (quickly!) back to the van for the camera.

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