Saturday, 6 September 2008

Cowley Beach 2

Everywhere we go we find something unique which takes our interest and Cowley Beach is no different. We discovered a truly unique variety of palm tree known hereabouts as “thongus”. Well not really but it’s a very original use for displaced thongs so we added a pair of our own. Apparently it began with a collection of mismatched thongs many years ago and more are nailed on to the tree regularly. There must be over 200 nailed onto this tree.
We’ve discovered to our relief that we are not the only people travelling who cannot seem to make decisions about moving on easily. Our neighbours Greg and Joan and Ollie arrived two days ago for one night ….. they’re still here !
Yesterday (Friday) Greg and Joan invited Ian to go for a ride in their tinny across to the islands not far off the coast. So off they went whilst I stayed on shore with Ollie who’s recovering from a nasty dose of kennel cough and is at present not too keen on going anywhere despite the fact that he has his own lifejacket for sea travel and a pram for land wandering!
So the two pirates and their damsel set sail for the island and had a lovely time exploring until Greg (the chief pirate!) discovered that the vessel was drifting away from the shore with some determination. It may have had something to do with the tide and also the fact that the anchor was still on board! Off into the water went Greg swimming and arriving at the boat to discover that he couldn’t get on board as the water was too deep. In went Ian to the rescue and between them they returned to the island and Joan. Lucky really considering the phone and the water were ….. on the boat! Ah well, all returned to Ollie and I none the worse for wear and enjoying a good laugh. Joan has recorded the whole incident and I hope to publish incriminating photos at some time. Should be a very good dinner party story.
After lunch Joan and I walked to the point which is about 5kms each way and despite an offer from Ian and Greg in the boat we walked all the way back. Can’t imagine why I declined can you?


marto and waz said...

looking good suz, i bet you'll have dad convinced about a new puppy in no time!

i've updated ours now, so you can see some of the reno's.

love lots,
bloss and waz.

Anonymous said...

G’day Travelling Martin’s
It was great to hear your voice the other night and hear all is well. I’m surprised that the only “thongs” attached to the tree are the rubber kind. Although that could be an assumption on my part. Glad to hear Ian has finally heard the call of the “tinny”. It would not be the first time the anchor was in the boat rather than the water. Mind you it could have been a lot more interesting if the bung had been left out – (not I by the way but a close relative) Do you know how fast you have to get the boat going to get the water out of the little bung hole!!!!! Bailing would have been easier but the person in question never thinks of the easy solution. Also quite difficult to drive a boat with you finger in the bung hole. Meant to ask has Ian had the fishing rod out?
Love the Pattos