Friday, 12 September 2008


We stayed at Cowley Beach for an extra day so we could go to the Tully Gumboot Festival. Greg, Joan and Ollie came too. Ollie travels in style these days as his hips are not what they used to be. We almost looked like we should have been in the parade and Greg was hoping we would so we could win the $500 prize! However there were much better attractions than us I have to say and we were particularly taken by the mini fire engine!
Tully has a huge gum boot at the entry to the town and the height of the gumboot represents the annual rainfall recorded in 1950, 7.9 metres – the Australian Record.
After the parade we went to the showgrounds and enjoyed watching the politicians throw gumboots, a display of Indigenous dancing and the presentation of the prize for the best float. The whole day was to go through until the evening but we left after enjoying some lovely local fare.

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