Monday, 15 September 2008


We’ve returned to Seaforth as we make our way slowly south and have booked into the same council park we stayed in last year. As is the way of a lot of things after amalgamation in Queensland the park has changed with all the sites being marked and having to select a site was a bit like hard work but we managed and have settled in well.
We had planned to do our walks along the beach as we had enjoyed them last year especially with the tide going out so far and making for easy walking so on the fist afternoon we set out to walk to the point which was quite a long way. Having made it that far we walked back along the road which seemed to take a lot longer with all the streets we had to walk up and down to return to the park. Eventually we arrived back and I think Ian had had quite enough!
The next morning I was talking to some campers who have stayed here many times and they suggested that we go to the Cape Hillsborough National Park which we did and thoroughly enjoyed a couple of walks which were self guided walks and took us through mangrove and coastal woodland communities on the edge of Sandy Bay. On the way back to the park we called in at a lovely tea house which is a converted railway station and enjoyed Devonshire Tea sitting at a table decorated with beautiful stitcheries which made my finger ache for a new project as I have almost finished all the sewing I have brought with me unlike last year when I just about brought everything in my sewing room with me, including my machine, which I bravely left home this year!
On Saturday afternoon we were sitting at the van reading when Ian had a visitor who sat on his leg for quite a while and then left a small offering twice! I think we must be the only people in the park who are not feeding the birds, hence the offering as an expression of disdain!
Before we left on Sunday morning after the lovely sunrise we went to the market at Seaforth having decided that we were really only going for a look and left with ten books and bags of beautiful fresh fruit and vegies to take on to Yepoon which is our next stop.

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