Monday, 18 August 2008

Georgetown to Undara

We had a lovely time at our caravan park at Georgetown and enjoyed the company of a number of other campers. We solved the problems of the world over our dinners, discussing issues as diverse as tourist development along the coast, the state of farming around Lake Bolac, cost of fuel and retirement!
We drove on to Undara and enjoyed the newly surfaced road, remembering the sometimes bone jarring experience we had last year.
We had stopped and collected wood outside the park so we could have a campfire as we had last year. Ian made a magnificent stew in the camp oven which was the envy of the other campers as the aromas drifted around during the afternoon. After dinner we joined many others at the campfire for a night hosted by one of the Savannah guides during which in addition to a fantastic fire we enjoyed some Aussie poetry.
In the morning a walk was on our list and we were very pleased that we decided to go early as it is very warm and early morning or late afternoon starts seem to be the most practical.
Early on Friday morning we went on a walk to Atkinsons Lookout and late in the afternoon another walk to Yarramulla and walked around the rim of the crater. We must have chosen ‘beer o’clock’ we think as we met wallabies getting together for drinks and nibbles as we walked back to the car after a fairly steep walk up and back from the crater.
On our last morning we went to the camp breakfast which we had enjoyed so much last year. It certainly took care of lunch! Then we moved on towards the coast to a camp near Ravenshoe called Archer Creek.

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