Monday, 11 August 2008


We’ve stopped tonight in Cloncurry for a night to stay in a van park. I’ve done a load of washing, tidied up the van and cleaned up generally. When I told Pete I was cleaning up the van and doing the housework he said how could that take long, you’re living in a shoe box, just turn it upside down and shake it! Wish it was that easy – the dust gets in every nook and cranny and the benches are covered in dust each time we stop so I like to have a chance to give it all a really good clean.
The driving over the last four days has been quite lengthy and we have covered 2,100kms which is more than we would like to but we needed to move along to return closer to the coast where we will spend a few weeks. Over our holiday so far we have traversed across five states/territories, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, The Northern Territory and now Queensland so its been quite a journey and nearly all new places to visit.
We’re on our way to The Lava Tubes at Undara in the next few days which we did visit last year and enjoyed so much we are going back to stay for a couple of days.
After that we’re not too sure of how we’ll make our way back to the coast, but we’ll wait and see.
Today’s photos are of sunset at our last stop which was spectacular and me hard at work on the blog!

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