Monday, 25 August 2008

Bramston Beach 2

Sometimes holidays are for revisiting comfortable places, a bit like comfy shorts, tee shirts and croc shoes (sorry Paula, and yes we do wear them all day at the beach!).
Then there are days that take you right out of your comfort zone and just explode with something really special. Today started out fairly as we planned with a visit to a market we had been told would be good and it certainly was very colourful and varied. We really enjoyed our visit to Youngaburra and after the market travelled back towards Milla Milla which is the dairy we visited twice last year to quality test the produce. We decided it was imperative to repeat the exercise this year and Ian has now ascertained that the chocolate orange cheesecake is indeed ‘to die for’.
As we sat on the deck enjoying our lunch we noticed that for today only there were helicopter flights available directly across the road from the dairy. Now I have never had a helicopter experience and so before I could do my usual risk assessment we found ourselves on board.
What a magic experience. I can only describe it as reminiscent to our balloon flight in Pennsylvania with a lot more noise and faster and being enclosed in a plastic bubble. We sped over the North Johnstone River and marvelled at all we saw. We have driven beside this beautiful country many many times and never known of the beautiful waterfalls cascading down as the river winds its way towards a junction and on to Innisfail. Our pilot Wayne told us that when the wet season is in progress this area is a favourite of white water rafters and I have made a mental note to myself if Ian ever suggests we try that I will be busy or wave from overhead in the helicopter I have now asked Kate to give me for Christmas!
Our flight was only for 10 minutes but it was an unforgettable experience probably even more so because of the spontaneity of our decision. I’m not expecting anything like this for the rest of the trip but it was so worth it.
If you are ever up here and would like to try out an adventure like this we highly recommend NQ Heli-Worx. Thanks Kate and Wayne, have a look at the website at

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