Monday, 18 August 2008

Archer Creek

On the way to Archer Creek we stopped off at Innot Hot Springs which we had heard a lot about and only driven past last year. We enjoyed an hour trying out the various pools which ranged in heat up to 45 degrees. We didn’t try the 45 degree pool thinking logically that the lobster look was not a good one. Nonetheless the other pools were very refreshing.
Archer Creek is a roadside stop and really one not to miss. At $0 its fantastic value, in fact better than some of the parks we pay for. We set ourselves up with a cosy fire which was the first time we had used Ian’s home made brazier which worked very well.
Later we built the fire up and invited a young German couple to join us. Lars and Nicole are travelling for four months and are heading towards Darwin and then back down south before moving on to Switzerland to work for a couple of years before resuming travelling. Lars is a chef and Nicole also works in hospitality. Our conversation led to discussing their lives in East Germany before the wall came down and how their lives, and the lives of their families have changed. It was a fascinating evening and we have both learnt so much from them and are even more grateful for our good fortune. Sitting under huge eucalyptus trees on a beautiful clear night looking up at the stars with this lovely couple was pretty close to perfect and they gave us a bottle of wine to thank us for our hospitality! The pleasure was all ours and we hope to meet up with them again.


Anonymous said...

G'day Sue and Ian
Jesus what a life but then someone has to sacrifice the please of Shepparton to venture into the unkown. All this has been fantastic and I have been compiling a dairy of all the "recommended stops". Since you seem to have taken a liking to bush poetry I should se if we can get you a copy of the Brad Mclean collection volumes 1 and 2. He now has a standing invitation to the Tamworth Country Music festival and Gympie Muster and is now writting song. He has tried singing but with a voice like a goose farting in the fog its not all that pleasent but others are now taking on his songs and they don't sound to bad if you like that other kind of music - country - Happy trails. The Patto's

Anonymous said...

P.S Please excuse the grammar and spelling I should reread it before I post it my Tinglish is not as proper as it was once.

Anonymous said...

Hello Martins, sounds like you are having a great time. Hope you are puting some good photos together for a slide show and many glasses of red when you get home. have had some good rain so things are looking a little better. apart from a coolstore fire it has been nice and quiet. finally the painter has finished and the house is getting back to mareeis belting picture hooks into the wall and destroying the nice walls!! have you learnt how to cook snake? i am worried about ians desire to light fires hope it does not continue when you return to home. all well here. dookie finished second in the footy so wil have a good run to the finals. chris's last year as captain of dookie united so they have done well. have a good est of your trip
andrew and maree