Monday, 25 August 2008

Bramston Beach 1

We have returned to Bramston Beach which was a favourite last year and one we had decided to return to again. We are not disappointed as it is just as we remembered and will stay for a record number of nights, yet to be decided as we keep extending! The photos may be a clue as to why --- the outlook from our caravan is none too shabby and going to sleep each night with the waves only 30-40 metres from your door is not hard to take. All this for $16 a night.
We don’t have any power here but do have water so it has been an opportunity to test out our generator to boost our battery in the van and we have managed very well. We put up the awning and even the wall across the back and have been sitting outside with our mosquito coil to protect us from the mossies (thanks Jenny for the coils – they are great!).
The chairs mum gave Ian are fantastic footstools so we’re set! The biggest decision is which book to read and which sewing to complete.
Innisfail is our closest main centre and is only 15 minutes away so shopping has not been a problem either.
We haven’t been totally lazy however and have started playing petanque along the foreshore in front of the van, sharpening our skills before we visit some friends further down the coast in a little while.
We’ve also been for a couple of walks through the National Parks nearby and the waterfalls are spectacular. We are discovering more things to see here the longer we stay and I’m sure there are more to come.

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