Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Brrrroken Hill

We drove through to Broken Hill after our evening stop over at the Florida Rest Area. Finding a caravan park or stop was challenging in Broken Hill and we ended up in a caravan park at the last available site after being turned away at the first park.
We were unsure of how long to stay but we extended to three nights and will leave tomorrow after a couple of busy days looking around.
On the first morning we decided to take the two hour guided tour of Broken Hill city and it was a great decision. Our tour guide, Ruth is 74 and 10 months and has lived in Broken Hill all her life and is a gem. We walked around the city area and Ruth treated us to wonderful local news and history with her background of being a miner’s wife, a nurse and now a widow who is remarrying a nurse in November because the roses are beautiful around the rotunda! Her energy was amazing and we finished our tour feeling well satisfied. The tour was by donation only and the donations are used to fund local charities. A great service, particularly considering it was soooooo cold we thought we were going to freeze throughout the two hours despite our coats. As a matter of fact when we walked past the local dry cleaners and enjoyed the rush of warm, heavy, chemical air we begged Ruth to tell us something about the building so we could linger longer!
The buildings are magnificent, many built with the ‘rubbish’ stone from the mine and the Trades Hall is particularly interesting with all the memorabilia from the Unions which relate to the area.
After thawing out at a lovely restaurant high on a mullock heap overlooking the town we went to the Pro Hart Gallery which can only be described as a great education. His four Rolls Royce cars are parked at the gallery including one which he had painted with a fantastic landscape. Within the gallery is a mixture of all the Pro Hart styles which are many and varied and also his pipe organ and a couple of old masters as well. It was a great visit and much appreciated by us both even with our very poor knowledge of art.
This morning we went for a drive out to Kinchega National Park and visited the Historic Woolshed, which clearly indicates that we have it too easy now!
For the afternoon we went to the Broken Hill Sculptures which entailed a long walk up hill in the freezing wind and sometimes drizzle to see the 12 carvings which were created by 12 sculptors from many parts of the world. Truly an awesome undertaking considering the stone proved to be too hard to carve with cold chisels and required tungsten carbide tools donated by local former miners. They are amazing and well worth the walk.
On to Peterborough or somewhere that way!
Yes I am as cold as I look in the photo!!!

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Pete and Dawney said...

You wouldn't have been cold had you had a nose-to-toes quilt would you mummy?

Love you!