Thursday, 24 July 2008

Stopping at Newcastle Waters for the night -- Wednesday

After we left Taylor Creek Rest Area we stopped briefly at the Devils Marbles which extend for quite a way just off the highway. We then drove on to Tennant Creek where we thought we may have had breakfast or a cup of coffee or bought some milk. Didn’t, but bought fuel and travelled on until we came to Three Ways where we had a quick break before going on.
So here we are at another roadside stop for the night. This one is extremely popular (full!) with 15 vehicles staying the night.
Today’s photo is of our stop and also a sign we saw on the road to Palm Valley which I am sure our friend Ray will enjoy ---- see they even know your habits here Stocky!
As you can tell we haven’t had coverage to post for a few stops so there are a few blogs at once, hope its not too confusing!

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