Monday, 14 July 2008

To Uluru

After Coober Pedy we continued along the Stuart Highway and along and along --- its not the most scenic of routes but the only way for us to get to Uluru bearing in mind our “not off road” van. We crossed over the border into the Northern Territory and stayed the night at Kulgera at the roadhouse which is a cheap and cheerful stop for many of us going to Uluru. We met up with a number of nomads and enjoyed dinner at the roadhouse. Great steak sangas!

We set out bright and early on Sunday morning for Uluru and arrived just in time for lunch which was good timing and probably lucky too as of course we didn’t have a booking and sites were becoming scarce. There were at least six people waiting for van and camping sites so we were relieved to have a powered site for two nights although an unpowered would have been fine too. Being turned away was not exactly what we were looking for however.

After lunch we set out to explore Kata Tjuta (formerly known as The Olgas) and had a wonderful walk along the Walpa Gorge which is truly magnificent. There are no words to describe this part of Australia and we were truly awestruck by it all. The walk was only 2.6km but it took over an hour because we just had to keep stopping and looking up at the Gorge and the colours are just so vibrant and ever changing.

We came back for the sunset and it too was amazing. I think I have learnt more about colours here than in any workshop. I feel a quilt coming on.

Today we set off to Uluru and the cultural centre which is a great facility and a great place to learn of the true significance of this area. We walked the Mala walk and again found ourselves taking a long time to enjoy all that it offered along the way including some cave paintings. We didn’t climb Uluru. Firstly it was closed due to the windy conditions but probably more importantly we didn’t feel it necessary and it is discouraged by the traditional landowners so we respect their spirituality and just marvel at Uluru from the ground.

In the afternoon we again returned to the cultural centre before the sunset and spent another hour looking and listening.

We’re planning to view a sunrise tomorrow, this time at Uluru before we move on to Kings Canyon where we have booked (incredible I know!) for two nights.

Kate and Warwick have instructed us to photograph and blog BIG things so we figure these two photos are better than big prawns, gumboots, pineapples or any other BIG thing!

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