Sunday, 6 July 2008

Picnic Races and Good Company ....

Whilst watching TV in Gilgandra we saw an advertisement for the Duck Creek Picnic Races in Nyngan and thought they looked like fun. This is the second year of the races and they appear to have attracted nearly everyone from the area and they dressed up a treat as you will see in the photos! The blue suit on the young man was indeed impressive and he certainly was a standout amongst the men!
The women were very well represented in the fashion stakes and many were clearly representative of the gentry of the area and had gone to a lot of trouble with their outfits. We, however could only manage our best jeans.
On the betting front we were also stunningly unsuccessful. Ian chose the first two losers and I endeavoured to save the bacon by watching the jockeys (there were only 8 for the day, resulting in scratchings of horses from some races but never mind) come out and choosing the best looking silks and checking out the horse of course. When I chose the bright pink silks on the grey horse I thought I was on a winner and despatched Ian quick smart to the betting ring to stake the inheritance. If the race had only been 20 metres …… we’d have been rich, as my horse went out like a shot straight into the lead …… and finished last.
Nevertheless it was a great day and we thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality at the meeting which also included lovely snacks made by the catering committee and we were even offered a space at the pony club next door if we wanted to stay over – real country hospitality at its best.
We drove on and stayed the night at a great roadside free camp and joined two other couples who had a blazing fire and lots of good stories – another great night.
On to Broken Hill on Sunday. Hope you enjoy the signs I snapped at the Duck Creek Picnic Races and my pinup man in the blue suit! What a stunner!

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