Thursday, 24 July 2008

Telegraph Station to Taylor Creek Rest Area - Tuesday

We left Alice Springs early and stopped at the Telegraph Station just north of Alice and spent a very interesting couple of hours looking at the buildings and reading of the enormous challenges which were met to bring early communication to the outback. The concept of an underground cable from Darwin to Europe in the 1800’s seems incredible still.
We were able to try our hand at morse code and I think it would have severely impeded gossiping for hours. However a story is told of how some of the men who were operating the telegraph station got the results of the horse racing, placed bets with the bookies and then at a suitable time later passed on the results and collected their winnings. Very entrepreneurial!
When it was no longer used as a Telegraph Station the buildings were converted to a Children’s Home for “half castes” and it is terrible to read of the way in which children were taken from their mothers arms. The articles written at the time espoused the theories that this would enable the children to act white and hopefully leave their heritage behind and become useful members of society. The stories of the children are very sad.
After the Telegraph station we journeyed on to Aileron and photographed the Giant Anmatje Man who stands proudly above the Aileron Roadhouse together with a couple of fetching goannas. Photo of these are included for the benefit of Kate and Waz following instructions about “big” things. Then to Ti-Tree and Barrow Creek stopping at Taylor Creek Rest Area where we were joined by six other vehicles for the night. It was a very cold and windy night and we were awake and ready to go on by 8am.

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