Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Charters Towers

Three nights in Charters Towers - Friday, Saturday and Sunday at a very spacious park – a bit of luxury for this stop. We walked around town on Saturday morning and couldn’t help but notice the similarities with Armidale where Kate and Pete went to uni. Charters has a couple of boarding schools and on Saturday morning the students were in town in school uniforms just as they did in Armidale. Charters also has a lot of lovely old buildings including the stock exchange building which has an open walk thru arcade with a tiled floor not unlike the arcades in the city of Melbourne.
On Sunday we went to the local Argricultural show which was a bit of a disappointment except for the magnificent braham bulls and horses. We had expected, as it was a three day show commencing on Sunday to see some crafts, cooking and all the things we have at home, however it seems the show only really winds up on Monday and Tuesday. Sorry kids no show bags, they don’t start until Monday either.
Every cloud has a silver lining however and while Ian was busy reading (yes reading for pleasure!) I was off exploring the caravan park and decided the camp kitchen looked pretty clean and the benches where the BBQ’s are situated …….. can you see where this is leading? The perfect place to bring out from under the bed one of the boxes of fabric I had brought with me and some I had collected along the way and make a start on Kate’s new quilt! Over the two days I had a very profitable time and cut out about 200 pieces – only about 800 to go on this one. What beautiful surroundings to work in – I even had a little bird perched beside me for a while until he worked out I wasn’t cutting up food.
I'll publish the photos later - very poor connection here.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time you are both having.....we are soooooo jealous.
I just cant believe that you set up a sewing room in a barbie hut Sue, I am impressed! This quilt will have some good background to it.
Hope you are not being rained out but if you are can you bottle some and bring it south?
Enjoy your last month intrepid travellers.
See you soon
Gai and John