Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Just an overnight stop on Monday in Greenvale which is a small town 203 km north of Charters Towers on the dusty Gregory Development Road. The park is a “go anywhere you like mate” park. This town was built to house 220 mine workers by Queensland Nickel Ltd. in 1972 The town thrived for 20 years and the Greenvale Nickel Mine yielded 40 million tonnes of ore. When the mine was exhausted, the little town declined to 16 residents by 1993. In 1994 Melbourne millionaire businessman Chris Delios passed through the town and the next day offered to buy it all from the mining company, thus saving it from potential demolition. Several new mining interests have opened up since then. The picture is at the entrance to the park and is a huge nickel reclaimer.
There is also a monument to Stan Costa outside the Three Rivers Hotel whose famous song of the same name records his time working on the Greenvale Line. Stan wrote 67 songs for Slim Dusty and below the plaque is a tribute to Stan from Slim.
Greenvale also has the distinction of having a sausage tree (Kigelia Pinnata) which is native to South Africa. There are two trees in Townsville at the Botanical Gardens and one in Adelaide Botanical Gardens. The two in Greenvale are the only two others in Australia.
See we cater for all interests on this trip, mining, botany and country music in one day!

Will publish photos later, still poor connection.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys

we made Noosa pouring in Melbourne when we left weather here is ok. Been a bit cold at night. Went fishing today didn't cath anything though. Going whale watching next week will post some pixs on our sight when we do. Kel and Brads place is a nightmare there replacing the kitchen. Off to Nambour tomorrow. Decent size Tonka toy you had a photo of.
Love Di and Dave

Anonymous said...

G'day little sister. I lost your movements on my road maps until I realised Ian had slipped some big k's
into the days. Did you fall asleep and find yourself further down the road than planned? Why Greenvale? Sounds a good spot, was it by word or luck? It looks a little speck on the map. How does the Gregory Development road compare to your other roads? We are enjoying your blogs. Jan left for Bali Monday. Jen up at Sunshine Beach.
Love R n R