Friday, 3 August 2007


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We arrived at Undara National Park on Tuesday around 12pm after an interesting (?) road trip. When a map says ‘development road’ what they really mean is a sealed skinny lumpy road with rough edges and wider lumpier bits to escape to when the road trains from the mines, some up to 50 metres long come thundering towards you. Believe me you leave the road completely because they have no intention of either slowing down or moving off the skinny bitumen. It’s their territory although they mostly give you a wave as you sit meekly on the side waiting. It is particularly interesting as you come to a peak if you’re unsure of the road ahead. It’s fairly slow progress but just a part of life out here and all the locals do exactly the same. No-one we have talked to has taken on the road trains (and won!).
Undara is without a doubt a highlight of our trip so far. We booked in for three nights and were busy the whole time. You can book in for activities, take the suggested hikes or just sit back and relax. On Tuesday afternoon we went for an easy hike of 5.5 km and saw some wallabies and clambered up some hills for the most magnificent 360 degree views. In the evening we had booked the sunset tour which took us out spotting for wildlife and watching the sunset whilst we drank champagne after climbing up a peak. We also visited a lava tube for the exit of the bats at sunset.
Each evening they have entertainment around a campfire. Last night there was a sing song which was just great. As we walked to the campfire we could see in the distance a big Aussie flag shining brightly. When we arrived, there was a huge campfire to great us. We had a great night singing lots of Aussie favourites. There was a group of students from Loretto College in Sydney staying in the teepees and they entertained us with a rendition of their school song. They were lovely girls and actually spoke to us ‘oldies’ and enjoy conversation!
Wednesday morning we had booked in for camp breakfast so we set off for the short walk to the campsite which is situated about 500 metres from the centre of Undara and enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast of billy tea, cereal, fruit, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, baked beans, toast and more tea sitting on logs with tables made from posts set up right so we each have our own table. It’s a tough life for us here!
Wednesday afternoon we went for a two hour tour of the lava tubes which are large underground tunnels created by the lava flow from a volcano 50kms away. They are truly awesome and really defy description. We have taken heaps of photos but it really is too hard to describe.
After the tour Ian put together a very tasty dinner cooked in his camp oven over the hot coals at our campfire. Lamb hotpot was delicious followed by star spotting as the evening activity. We returned to our campfire and enjoyed coffee with a young family who are also travelling on long service leave. We seem to meet lovely people at every stop which is great.
On Thursday we went for a lovely walk out to the Settlers Hut and back which was enough activity to justify doing nothing much for the rest of the day and justified us eating at the restaurant for our last night. We were very sad to leave and will definitely return.
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