Friday, 27 July 2007

Back to Cloncurry and on to Richmond and Pentland

After Mt. Isa we returned to Cloncurry for another night to start the journey to the coast. Our next stop was Richmond for one night and then last night to the lovely little (very little!) settlement of Pentland which was a real surprise.
On the way to Pentland we stopped at the pub at Prairie to see if the pictures in the brochure on country pubs were accurate. The photos you see attest to this! The beer and lemon squash were pretty good too! Great publican, a young family man who had run night clubs in Brisbane until coming to Prairie 14 years ago and loving every minute of it. When I returned after getting the camera I remarked that I was unsure if I had locked the car and he replied I would be the only person in town who took the keys out of the ignition! Aaahh life in the bush!
The caravan park was fairly casual, just as we like it. When Ian went in to ask if there was a vacancy he was told yes and pick wherever you like! There were only a few other patrons so we picked out a very nice spot and settled in for the night. The amenities were great and once you’ve been to 19 parks believe me you become an expert.
Whilst we were in Pentland Ian struck up a conversation with our neighbour who proceeded to bring out the display boxes of gems, opals and gold he has collected along his way. He told us he has been on the road for some years and although he doesn’t need the money, fossicking has become his preferred lifestyle. He certainly has some very pretty pieces of ‘bling’ and put our scratchings to shame.
Along the way we have met some interesting vehicles. We have found that as soon as you see the first pilot car looking for somewhere to pull off the road is a good idea. However yesterday we didn’t anticipate a road train coming towards us to be moving quite so fast and have a lovely big stone chip on the front windscreen!

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Anonymous said...

Sue and Ian..... It all sounds a great exciting adventure, stay safe

Love R n R