Saturday, 25 August 2007

Conways Beach

We spent four nights at Conways Beach doing very little. The weather was beautiful and the beach lovely. Our drive to Conways was spectacular, framed by the canefields where harvesting is now in full swing. The harvesting is all done mechanically now and without the burning we saw when we first travelled to Queensland with the kids some twenty years ago. Cane trains hum along the many narrow railway lines some seeming to run through front gardens and up the main streets like trams in Melbourne carrying their loads in open baskets to the mills. There is one in Proserpine close to Conways where we called in on our way to do the shopping. As we left after our four nights we came across the Variety Bash competitors which certainly added a different flavour to the journey. Some of the cars were very cleverly adapted for the event, like the ‘police’ car complete with flashing lights. They hardly needed an official police escort but there was one anyway.
On to Seaforth as our path winds down to Mackay. There is a huge bikkie gathering in Mackay with a couple of rival gangs so we’ll stay out for the weekend!

Pete and Dawn are in England now enjoying an 'English Summer" holiday. I wonder if their weather is as good as ours!


Di and Dave said...

Hi Sue and Ian
Good to hear from you the other night. Di(and Me)is looking forward to the day we can do it.
Hope the bikie gangs were quiet. Brad got out of Gympie ok today but the river at Noosa was to peak today. We need some down here and pretty soon. The blogs been great to keep up with your travels. Will keep in touch. See Pete's turned into a jet setter. Good on him. Loved the emu sign.
Love Di and DAve

sare said...

Hi Ian & Sue,
Surprise to hear from me, I have finally been on long enough to work our how this works, usually only on for a few minutes. Nor a real computer user.
So pleased to hear you are having such a good time, and seem to be doing lots.
All good here, Bec resigned and goes overseas on 13/9 till Christmas
Sare finished uni for semester except for 4 week placement at Alfred which started yesterday.
Enjoy as the weeks are ticking by
Love from all