Tuesday, 17 July 2007


We arrived in Longreach on Sunday afternoon and found out that our caravan park was offering pickled pork, corned beef and veges for tea and a bush poet to entertain us so of course we booked in, paid our money and settled in on our site. You can tell the country is dry up here, not a blade of grass on the van sites so it’s lucky we could roll out our matting to keep the dust at bay.
Monday morning we went off to the Qantas Founders Museum which was terrific and the tour was very worthwhile. Just to show you I was paying attention I learnt some important facts about the black box. Its orange, located at the back of the plane because that part doesn’t back into mountains and lands last! Its orange not only because it stands out but because that is the international colour for distress. Orange also has a high resistance to fire ---- true dinks that’s what our tour leader told us so think carefully when you choose your seats next time you travel ---- I’m the one at the back!
It was a great place to visit and we watched some really interesting videos about the restoration of the 707 now located at the museum.
Today we started out at the school of distance education which was fascinating and we watched and listened to a year seven class doing their mathematics ---- smart kids, so glad they didn’t ask us for the answers! After the class we toured the school which has residential facilities for 50 students and families for the occasions when the students come in to the school for special occasions such as swimming sports and graduations and classes usually once or twice a year. They have a great library for the students who are allowed forty items each for six weeks at a time and there was plenty of variety for them to choose from including games and construction sets. Each family is given a computer for $250 which is reimbursed by the state government so is really at no cost to the family. Most students go to boarding school when they go on to secondary education and achieve very good results. Nowadays most of the responsibility for supervising the education of the children rests on the mums as governesses are rare because of the poor economy and the drought. When the students come to Longreach for cluster sessions the mums are also in sessions learning too so they can help the children.
Then we went to the Stockman's Hall of Fame and spent the whole day there being amazed by Australians from the early settlers right through to icons of a more recent ilk such as RM Williams. A great display and another really busy day – I’m sure we’ve walked our 10000 steps every day!
Beer o’clock sitting outside the van on our return each day is very welcome. Which brings me to the subject of weather ----- poor you all because we’re wearing shorts and T shirts.
Tomorrow off to Winton for two nights with plenty to see there.

PS Stocky, I bet Christine didn't see your comment about the bra shop, you're in for it now! No we haven't been looking, we've been far too busy checking out the Masonic Halls for you!

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Tricia said...

Have been following your holiday - sounds as though you and Ian are having a great time and are not freezing cold like the rest of us! I finish work today and head off on Friday - am started to get excited about it all. I'll catch up with all your news when we get back.