Monday, 23 July 2007


We arrived in Cloncurry on Saturday for a two night stay. Ian is getting quite used to the road trains which are huge and seem to overtake us with ease. We had the luxury of a drive thru site at the caravan park which is stress free although we’re getting pretty good at this game and the check list we use each stay is getting less use as our confidence grows.
We stocked up on groceries here as Winton was not particularly good for that. Today we went to the John Flynn museum which tied together lots of things we had learnt at Qantas and other places. We also went to a dam here and sat and admired the huge pelicans, heaps of wedge tail eagles and cormorants. It was a welcome oasis from the dry dusty country which is also beautiful at the same time. We are attaching a couple of photos this time including the dam and also one of the termite nests which appear along the road and also far back into the surrounding land in clumps.
Next stop Mt. Isa. So far we’ve covered nearly 7,000 kilometres and for those who are interested our fuel consumption has been just under 18 litres per 100 kilometres

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