Monday, 6 October 2008

Last days at Yeppoon

It’s finally time to leave Yeppoon and David and Elaine who have been our hosts for the past three weeks which have been more like staying with friends than at a park. We’ve enjoyed camp cooking stews and damper courtesy of David and Elaine and we’ve returned the favour with a yummy curry. For Elaine’s birthday all the campers surprised her with a roast dinner and birthday cake and amazingly we managed to keep it a surprise.
We’ve finally been able to capture a photo of one of the other campers which are generally quite retiring. Our visitor was four foot long and very happy to stay quietly up the tree whilst we all took our photos.
On our last morning we went up to see what Elaine and David were up to. Ian and David disappeared behind the Lodge and before we knew what was happening it was decided to remove a tree which was blocking the sunlight to the newly installed solar hot water panels. Just in case you’re wondering Ian was in the vehicle pulling down the tree! So by 9.30am the tree was down and we adjourned to the pool to consider our next move.
Unfortunately our next move came at 2.30pm when we had to leave. We delayed as long as we could and had our last swim at 1.30 before travelling on to a roadside stop at Gin Gin for the night.

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