Thursday, 23 October 2008


We arrived in Christchurch on Monday afternoon and then Ian was off to the conference and I was left to amuse myself.
The first day was lovely and warm and I explored the city by foot and enjoyed the beautiful parks and gardens and churches. However the following days have been very cold, really cold. In fact it feels as tho’ we’re having the winter we missed by going away this year!
There is a lovely river which runs through the city called the Avon River and the water is as clear as clear and there is a punt service piloted by a young man resplendent in a straw boater hat. It really looks great but he certainly has his work cut out as there is quite a current running.
Today I went to the Art Gallery which is a beautiful new building with an Australian Architect, from Victoria no less and went on a guided tour. I have now seen more of the Christchurch Art Gallery than I have of the Shepparton Art Gallery – shame on me, I will rectify that when we get home.
Of course retail therapy has been very important and getting used to a new currency has been a little confusing but I’ve managed!
Across the road there is a beautiful Art Precinct which houses many beautiful local crafts and craft people such as painters, a patchwork shop, bone and wood carvings and beautiful fine woollen garments some incorporating mohair and possum which create wonderful soft and fine yarns which are just to die for.
In the evenings we’ve dined with the others from Shepparton and on Wednesday night we had the Conference dinner which had a Pacific cruise theme and was great fun.
Ian will complete his obligations for work on Friday and then we’re off on Saturday to take the train across the Alps to Greymouth. After that we’re taking a car and travelling along the west coast, up to the top and back down the east coast to Christchurch. We don’t have a lot of time so we’ve decided to see what we can well instead of just a road trip.

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