Thursday, 23 October 2008

Gosford to Home ....

We arrived at Pete and Dawn’s on Friday and settled in to stay until Wednesday morning. It was lovely to stay in the guest room in their apartment and to leave the van parked out the front for a few days.
Pete and Dawn had a barbeque on Monday night and we met some of their friends which was a great night. We relaxed and caught up on their news including their new car which is very nice! We also went to see Wall-E which we all enjoyed.
All too soon we were on our way home and stopped for one more night on the road just north of Albury. As if to finish the holiday in style we had a beautiful sunset followed by a cold night just to make sure we went home and didn’t stay another night on the road arriving home early on Thursday morning.
At last we have been able to see Kate and Warwick’s house and we’re looking forward to seeing the transformation they have planned for their first home. On Saturday we went to give them a hand and arrived just in time to see a bee swarm in the back yard resulting from Waz and Andrew cutting down a tree and upsetting a large nest of bees. During the day the bees became a little more agitated and by the next morning Frank, the wonderful next door neighbour had called in the apiarist to remove them. Never a dull moment!
A few days at home and then its off to Christchurch for Ian’s conference and a week to look around.

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