Sunday, 12 October 2008

Crowdy part two

After a restful night with the ocean crashing around us we stepped out of the van to see our neighbourhood kangaroos going about their early morning feeding routine and walked down to the beach. We walked along the beach for an hour and were entertained by the whales jumping out of the water, blowing and creating water fountains as they crash back into the sea. How lucky are we? For as long as we wanted to watch they were providing the entertainment.
As we returned to the van we were able to take photos of a rather large Monitor lizard one of many we saw during our stay. There is so much to see at Crowdy that we’re sure we will return again and see many new things.
After our walk we reluctantly packed the van and travelled on to Pete and Dawn in Gosford. Sadly we recognise that the travelling part of this holiday is all but gone now but it is also exciting to be able to see Pete and Dawn on our way home and we’re looking forward to seeing Kate and Waz and their house which everyone else from home has already seen.
However this year is a little different as we’re off to New Zealand a few days after we get home as Ian is attending a conference in Christchurch and I’m going along for the ride! We’re having a week after the conference to look around New Zealand so I’ll be blogging on for a while yet.

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