Sunday, 30 September 2007

Kialla Lakes

Well we’re home! We arrived back home on Friday morning after a quicker than expected trip home from Canberra. Instead of two nights on the road we only needed one spending a very pleasant evening in Rutherglen.
It was with mixed feelings we backed the van up the drive but its true there is no place like home and we were anxious to see Kate and Waz before they went to Queensland for a few days on Saturday.
We’ve had a wonderful time and went through our photos this afternoon and marvelled at all the things we have seen, and started planning our next trip at the same time.
For those who are interested we’ve been keeping spreadsheets of our trip statistics and thought you might be interested to hear some of them.
Our fuel was 2,798 litres and the total cost for fuel was $3,471.
We travelled a total of 15,300 kilometres and visited forty-two sites so we really have setting up and packing up down to a fine art!
When we arrived home Ian took the van to the weighbridge to see how much we had been dragging around with us and fully loaded with the water tanks full and quite a few extras on board (like the ten coconuts I brought home for Kate so she could have coconut cocktails!), the van weighed 2,480kg which Ian was quite happy with as it is within the legal limit for the Prado to tow.
So there you are that’s about all from us for this holiday, we will put on further blogs when we go away again, but it will be a while before we have an adventure as long as this one!
Thanks to everyone who has contacted us to say you have enjoyed the blogs, its been fun doing them and has become a great record of our trip.

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