Sunday, 23 September 2007

Hervey Bay to Gosford

After we left Hervey Bay we travelled towards Gosford and used the Camps book to plot our course. It’s not always great but when you only need somewhere to sleep we figure we can put up with nearly anything and it’s a bit different.
Well our first night on the road was certainly different. We ended up at a roadside stop with about ten other campers and truckies! There was a little (!) bit of road noise as we were only just off the highway and perhaps the trucks rumbling thru right beside the van to stop for the night made it a little difficult to sleep but we managed to grab a little shut eye before starting out again (early!) and promising not to do that trick unless we were really desperate.
For the second night we travelled down to Crowdy Bay National Park which is on the coast between Port Macquarie and Taree, 9kms south of Laurieton. What a contrast to our previous evening. We travelled along an unmade road for 5kms and arrived at the Park to be greeted by kangaroos happily feeding all around us. Once again it was a ‘pick where you like’ camp with no power but toilets and cold (!) showers. Thank goodness for our own toilet and hot shower. We didn’t even need to take the van off the car and just picked a pleasant spot, got out the chairs and sat down to enjoy the show around us. Kangaroos were everywhere and it was very entertaining watching the groups feeding and joeys jumping in and out of the pouches. How they fit we can’t understand but they do although some have legs hanging out and heads poking out grazing and just looking at us. No need to look for further entertainment here. We also walked down to the beach which was only about 50metres from the car. It was a pity we arrived later in the day and we would really like to come back and stay for a couple of nights so we can explore the walking tracks and the beach. It was certainly harder to leave this camp than the previous nights accommodation but we were eager to get on the road and avoid arriving in Gosford late as we remembered how difficult it was on the way up to set up in the dark.

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