Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Bargarra and News ........

Back to Bargarra Beach for three nights as we amble homeward. I needed to do some serious washing and also cleaning without the assistance of dirt returning as fast as I clean it out. We have the same site as we had on the way up but not with the excitement of thinking of the journey ahead! Our first night back at Bargara marked 100 nights on the road. We have covered over 12,000kms which is quite a distance but we have barely touched the surface and can see many trips to come.
Of course we went back to the Rum Distillery, and the Ginger non-alcoholic beverages have also been restocked. There is a great fish place here and we really enjoy fresh fish with real flavour and will have some in our freezer for the trip home. We did lots of walking as the weather is pretty good, although not up to the usual temperatures for this time of year, wish we had a dollar for every time we have been told that!
We also drove out to Mon Ripo turtle rookery and down to the port. We will come back at turtle time as it looks very interesting. There were two bus loads of school kids there so we didn’t stay long!
Now for the news of other kinds, in strict chronological order lest I be criticised for showing favour. Whilst in London, Pete and Dawn travelled to Paris and visited the Eiffel tower and you guessed, he proposed and we are delighted to say Dawn accepted! Pete was very well prepared and had a lovely (well we are told it is lovely, no photo has been forthcoming!) ring at the ready. No details are available yet beyond the engagement, but we are all thrilled and very excited about seeing them in a week or so. Just prior to leaving for England, Pete was successful in obtaining a new position at Gosford Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit so he certainly has plenty to look forward to.
Now for Kate’s news. Kate has accepted a position with Legal Aid in Shepparton as a senior solicitor. We are thrilled (again!) for her and sure she will be very happy.
It seems our family manage very well without us!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
Well how about them apples go away for a few weeks and look what happens. Good luck to Pete and Dawn an you to Kate. I guess this is the hardest part of the trip its - returning that is. Its a 2 way tussel nice to get home but good to be travelling ( This from someone who's sum total of away time is 4 weeks) Your travels and diary have done nothing to dappen our quest for some of the same. Not much news down here pretty much same old and ticking along. It will be great to catch up when you do get back. Di's nearly finished here diploma of scrapbooking. I bought her a scrapbooking tote. It folds up, carry's everything she needs and will fit under the bed in a caravan. Nothing like planning ahead. Anyway keep on truckin' and safe travels talk soon.
Love Di and Davo

Anonymous said...

Hi travellers!
What great news on both accounts. Makes ya feel a little older than necessary tho when the 'kids' are quite this independent!!!! We're thrilled for all.We anxiously await news of our imminemt arrival. Taz is still hanging together and getting very restless for a result!Let you know as soon as.. Keep travelling well. Unfortunately it will all be behind you soon, but sounds like lots of exciting things in future to keep you going. See ya soon
Robyn & David

Gail and John J said...

Sue and Ian,
what wonderful news of Pete and Dawn and Kate too. I know you are on the home run now but what a great focus for you to ease the burden of the return to the grind.Very exciting!

Will miss your travel logs, they have been entertaining and interesting. This is one part of the great outdoors we have not visited so you have given us food for thought.
Look forward to your you're not!!
Gail and John