Saturday, 22 September 2007

Hervey Bay

After our stay at Woodgate we moved down to Hervey Bay for three nights, only about 40km’s if you go directly however we had been told of a patchwork shop not to be missed in Howard so a short diversion was required and a very successful one it was too.
We went to a different park at Hervey Bay this time staying right on the beach. We were only twenty steps from the sand and it was great to be swimming again after our not so good experience in Hervey Bay at the beginning of our trip.
As we were settling in we met our ‘neighbours’ and enjoyed beer o’clock with them. Ian and Coral have had family near Shepparton and now live in Maryborough and enjoy coming down to Hervey Bay for the beach. It is great to meet people in the parks and camps and we have made new friends who we hope to see again.
Our joy was short lived as on the first morning the wind again came up and the day was not very pleasant at all. However we had already arranged to go whale watching in the afternoon so we were committed, wind or not! When we arrived at the marina we were greeted by the crew and asked if we suffered from wobbly legs. Ian certainly does so that was not a great start. However we were offered ginger tablets and Ian feels it was the best $1.00 we spent on the trip so far. I don’t know if they were effective or just a really good placebo, who cares we felt fine despite the waves crashing over the windows and drowning most of us on the way out to see the whales. We even ate lunch, although not a lot as it was a perilous task to keep your plate on your knees.
They were certainly worth the trip. Just magnificent creatures and we were fortunate to see a number of groups including mums with calves and adult groups too.
We were also able to catch up with David and Annie and the boys and enjoyed entertaining them at our place this time.Now we’re really on the way home and off to see Pete and Dawn

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Anonymous said...

Hi Travellers
Unfortunate that the whale watching was a bit rough but its well worth it. They are an awesome and wonderful creature. We were lucky on our trip it was calm but a bit early in the season. Di is a bit like Ian wobbly legs. Travel calm is a wonderful thing. Brad was up that way at the weekend at a bush poet convention or something like that. Looking forward to the next instalment - don't know what we will do when we can read these anymore. Our week has been a bit off - Hoz was admitted to hospital with pneumonia comming good now though.
Keep safe talk soon
Love Di and Dave