Saturday, 4 September 2010

Shelter from the Storm

Boy oh boy what a day! We set out from Peterborough after a really wild night of wind and rain hoping for some improvement as we travelled on to Burra which looked lovely on the internet and somewhere we would like to spend some time.
Yes, well we would have had we came on a reasonable day when we could see where we were going. The drive was at the upper limit of driving as the van was being buffeted by the wind and the rain was getting heavier as we drove on. When we reached Burra we decided enough was enough as even Ian was feeling less than comfortable. We stopped in the caravan park for a very reasonable tariff of $20.00, actually they could have charged twice that much and we would have still stayed.
We quickly pulled in without unhitching the van, put out the electric cable and connected the water hose and retreated into the van with the heater turned on. The wind is still buffeting the van but at least we’re not on the road for now. We think we’ll stay put for at least a day and see what the morning brings. As we sit in the van we watch more vans pulling in obviously with the same thoughts.
We’ve checked the Roads guide on the internet and from the news today we can see that all the roads we used are closed behind us and are very grateful that we can go home via bitumen roads.
Our photos are a convoy of old army jeeps which pulled into our camp at Copley and set up just in front of us and looked quite unique in comparison to all the rest of the caravans and campers and also a photo of our wet and bedraggled camp at Burra.
PS. After I wrote the initial blog today we lost the heating and the television as South Australia is losing the battle to keep the electricity running in the severe storms we are experiencing. At least ten vans have been turned away during the afternoon and a large tree branch has fallen on a van site, luckily no-one was injured but it did turn our thoughts back to another windy holiday we had and Ian did request a site without a tree this time!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys
Glad to see you made a safe camp for the storm. Weather has been crazy here and we never got the worst of it. We had 40 ml yesterday and the wind was a bit wild. Up your way (Shepparton) got it worse than us Guess the drought could be over. Saw a it of footage from Birdsville looks like they could be waiting a while to get out of there. Stay safe

The Pattos