Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Home Sweet Home!

After our last blog we travelled onto Hahndorf and experienced another day of rain after which we decided there was no future in hanging around waiting for better weather and besides which the news from home was getting soggier by the minute.
So off we went and stopped the night just out of Mildura from where we travelled home not really sure if we could get the van in. Thanks to our trusty CFA friend Ray we were able to get in only to find that the road was closing shortly thereafter and that we would have to stay put for a while. Not a problem as we had plenty to do and plenty of action out the front as we have now acquired a lake frontage which would be an excellent selling point if we could only have open days where people could actually get in!
The water rose overnight but has now begun to subside and the TV crews have gone on to look for something more exciting to cover. Our caravan sits proudly on the nature strip and has featured in a number of broadcasts so we have had our moment of fame. It was not exactly how we wanted to finish our holiday but we were spoilt over the last four months and have nothing to complain about.
Just a few pics of our house taken yesterday and this morning. We’ll post again when the water subsides so you can see how we look after.

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