Friday, 3 September 2010

Leaving for Home?

After our fantastic day including our helicopter flight we faced a dilemma. We still have time before our anticipated arrival home sometime in the next two weeks or so but where to go? We have been watching the weather really carefully over the past few days because we knew there was a small window of opportunity to ensure we were able to get to Marree for our flight and probably more importantly get back as we knew the gravel roads would close if the rain came as forecast.
How lucky were we! We had tossed up returning to Grass Wren at Willow Springs in the Flinders but after a night with ferocious wind and waking to see that the van, despite having the wheels chocked had managed to move slightly and the sky looking just OK we decided to make our way to Hawker and then have a think about where to go from there as the track in to Grass Wren would not be possible with the van if there was rain as the van is not 4 wheel drive equipped, though now I’m up for a lot more challenges, just not the impossible!
When we left our camp at Copley it was 28 degrees and we were in shorts and t-shirts, yes we know you’re all freezing, well so are we as we watched the temperature drop down to about 10 degrees and back to tracksuits and long sleeves.
The bitumen road from Leigh Creek to Hawker which we came down on this morning is now closed as is the gravel road we travelled on from Copley to Marree. We certainly picked the best day and Ian says it was all just chance that we went yesterday. I think we must have been meant to go and I know how disappointed we would have been if we had missed out. All the people who travelled the Birdsville Track for the Birdsville Races this weekend will have a longer weekend than they planned, as the Birdsville Track is now closed.
All of this led us to stopping in Peterborough in a caravan park as it is cold and very wet and there is only one free camp nearby which we are not familiar with so better safe than sorry for which we are pleased as the park is nearly full.
So now after considering the Bureau of Meteorology web site and seeing the state of the incoming weather we think we will probably be taking a fairly conventional route home, but not yet decided ….. of course!!!
Our photos today are of the old Farina Homestead, one of many building like this which we have seen on the road to Marree and also these beautiful desert flowers.

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