Thursday, 21 April 2011

Western Australia here we come!

Well, we’re on our way now! We packed up the van and left on Monday morning and headed for Mildura  and then on Tuesday stopped at Tarlee. On Wednesday we travelled on thru Port Augusta and stayed half way between Port Augusta and Ceduna. The days so far have been fairly uneventful, the only issue being we have had to give up our fruit and veg at the Quarantine Border station and then repurchase in Port Augusta. Thursday we travelled on to Ceduna and we stopped in Penong for an internet moment and to catch up on the blogs as we don’t always have internet at the roadside stops we are staying in.

The tourist information shelter at Penong tells us of its establishment in 1892. Penong means Rocky Waterhole where the first house sold in the mid 1890’s for 2 pounds 15 shillings! It is also the home of Gypsum. 90% of the plasterboard used in Australian homes comes from the Lake McDonnell mine just south of Penong. It also has a surfboard shop!  There is the history lesson for today!

Not much else to talk of yet as we are really concentrating on getting to WA before stopping for too long.

Did I mention the weather ……… perfect!

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