Thursday, 21 April 2011


We decided to have a trial run before setting off on our big trip to WA and in keeping with an oft reprised New Years Resolution we visited some friends in Gippsland.

Firstly we journeyed to Warragul and met up with Rob and Maxine and saw their new home and surrounds. The country is so green and lush as we have never seen before and we brought some lovely weather with us for a change which Rob and Maxine enjoyed too! We went to the Wine and Cheese Festival at Lardner Park and enjoyed too much of all of that as we seem to do. Maxine and Rob were wonderful hosts and we are looking forward to another visit to see all of their new garden and house renovations.

Our next stop after we repaired our van tyre, the first flat ever, was to Tracey and Gene’s at Meeniyan. We pulled up at their property to the most beautiful view across the valley and understood immediately why they had swapped Shepparton for this piece of paradise. We really enjoyed catching up with Tracey and Gene and Harry, Lucas, Burke &  Farrah and walking around their property before Tracey cooked a lovely dinner, and returning to the van for the night. A very short visit but wonderful and now we will have a greater understanding when Tracey sends her very entertaining emails.

We set off early for Wilson’s Prom and set up camp before taking in the scenery and a number of walks. Our timing was perfect so it seems as too much later and we might still be there waiting for the road to be repaired from the storm shortly after we departed. It truly is a beautiful place and one to which we will return.

After three nights we made our way towards Newhaven on Phillip Island as our final destination on this sojourn to visit with Marion and Paul. Marion was Ian’s childhood friend from the age of two or three and we have corresponded over the years every Christmas but only seen each other two or three time in the ensuing fifty years! Some New Year’s resolutions are a long time fulfilled but we have finally done it and spent a lovely time reminiscing and walking around the coast with them on a wonderful walk.  Lovely dinners and relaxing at their holiday home completed our visit and we were sad to leave and journey home but so pleased to have finally made it!

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